Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Men have come a long way since the days of showing up to work in an unbuttoned shirt that revealed an army of hair fighting its way past the nape of their necks — haven’t they? While you might not go the Brazilian route, you might be surprised (or not) to hear that men are taking it off – their body hair, that is.

Have you been curious how you would, or parts of you, would look with less hair? Whatever the motivation, many men have already become hair free. Between waxing, shaving, electrolysis, tweezing, trimming and laser hair removal, men of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, ethnicities and professions are getting rid of excess body hair.

Laser hair removal is ideal for men who don’t want to spend too much time fussing around with hair removal treatments but are keen to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. Of all the benefits of laser hair removal for men, one of the biggest selling points is that it spells the end of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair is often an unwanted side effect of shaving and waxing but by choosing laser hair removal over traditional treatments, thankfully these can be avoided.

Whether you want to eliminate small areas of hair on the face or larger areas such as the chest or back, laser hair removal is safe, relatively pain free and a permanent solution. Also, because men have coarser hair than women, laser hair removal can actually be more effective on men than it is on women. With the LightSheer, depending on the area you wish to have treated, you'll be in and out of The Hair Retreat in your lunch break, with no problems of traffic or parking. And apart from some minor redness which will quickly subside, you'll be fine to just get on with your day (remembering to wear a high SPF sunscreen on any exposed areas you've had treated).

When you consider the cost of razors, shaving foam, soothing balms and creams over a lifetime, the cost of a permanent solution like laser hair removal can be quickly recognised as a common sense investment. After 6-8 treatments, hair will be noticeably finer, more sparse and for most, completely gone!

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